The Last Of Us - The Beginning Of The End

Production of Actiengage Entertainment
The Last Of Us
The Beginning Of The End
Actiengage Entertainment
Director: Quentin Kloos
Created & written: Perry Vangoethem
Brent - Perry Vangoethem
Chloé - Louise Mattelaer
Sœur de Brent - Maude Dubray

Brent is a young men who lost everything during the outbreak, he has seen all of his friends, family died in front of his eyes. To avoid any additional suffering , he decided to live alone in his own world where nobody gonna come in. But destiny is not something you're always choosing, and in this case, a young girl gonna show up to him and even if he's really not open to her, she's not gonna leave so easily. 

What is going to happen when a men who saw the world changing in front of an innocent young girl who the beauty of life is different from him.

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